Pricing for Used Car Inspections, Pre-purchase Inspections, PPI
Used Car Inspections

Pricing for Used Car Inspections (Pre-purchase Inspections or PPI)

There no standardization for what is included in a Pre-purchase Inspection (PPI) nor who is qualified to perform a PPI. Therefore there is no standard price you can expect for a PPI. You can find companies that will perform a PPI from $50 to $500 (see Types of Pre-purchase Inspections for different types of inspections).

Expect to pay around $150-$200 for a professional PPI from an ASE Master Certified Technician who is also a Body & Frame Specialist.

BEFORE you hire an inspector, MAKE SURE the person inspecting the vehicle is an ASE Master Technician and Frame specialist. Any items not discovered by the inspection are you problems after you buy!

You cannot negotiate your best deal until you know the EXACT condition of every component and system.

Here is more information to help you buy a good used car:

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