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The 1-2-3 Steps of Buying a Used Vehicle

No matter where you buy a used car, either from a dealer or individual, and no matter what kind of used car you buy: young, old, or a certified used vehicle, you "the buyer" must determine the TRUE condition before purchase. A good looking used car can be a wolf in sheep's clothing, and cost you thousands in repairs and headaches after the sale.

No matter what the seller or salesperson tells you about the vehicle, it is your responsibility to determine the true condition of the vehicle before purchase. Did you know that any oral statements made by the salesperson, about the condition of the vehicle, are not enforceable in a court of law? That is why you must have everything in writing.

To find out the true condition of a vehicle, and if you are buying a safe and reliable car, follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1)  Take it for a test drive.

After you have found a vehicle that you would consider purchasing, take it for a test drive for at least 10 minutes (not just around the block). Check all all the accessories and features. This is your opportunity detect obvious problems and eliminate a car from consideration.
BE AWARE! Many salespeople and sellers may pressure you to buy the vehicle after a positive test drive. A vehicle can drive well and still have existing hidden or potential mechanical and electrical problems including previous accident damages.

Step 2)  Negotiate your best deal.

Your negotiated price is be based on the assumption that the vehicle is in good working order and has never been in an accident or flood. Any known problems should be in the negotiated price. Always make any offer contingent on a professional pre-purchase inspection.
BE AWARE! Many salespeople and sellers may pressure you in many ways to buy the car after you negotiate a price. However, you can't negotiate your best deal unless you know the current condition of the every component and system.

Step 3) Get a Professional Unbiased Inspection.

Not all Technicians and PPI’s are the same. There are many types of pre-purchase inspections. However, only an inspection from a experienced ASE Master Certified Technician who is also certified in frame analysis can give you a comprehensive inspection. Once you have quality pre-purchase inspection information, you can re-negotiate your deal based on that information.

Regardless of any oral statements, documents, or vehicle history, only a professional inspection will let you know of the TRUE condition of the vehicle before you buy.

You cannot negotiate your best deal until you know the EXACT condition of every component and system.

Here is more information to help you buy a good used car:

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